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"In heaven, all the interesting people are missing.."
- Friedrich Nietzsche

Psychedelic art center week-end

A two day festival presenting all forms of psychedelic art : some concerts, an exhibition, many scientific lectures, installations, DJ’s, workshops, the Tao game, mostly on donation. You are welcome to present your projects in this amazing temporary art space of 3000m2, here till mid october, centered on ecology & changing our world. We will be launching officially our website there. Stay tuned.

« Psychedelic wave » radio show #5

For this 5th two hours radio show of the Psychedelic Art Center we'll be presenting the best exhibitions, parties & concerts upcoming, the books, films, new & old classic albums with their sleeves. You can come at Le Mellotron bar 6 rue Beaurepaire 75010 Paris. Lasts guests were the producer Nickodemus, the art installation collective Ascidiacea, Marc Blanc of 70’s psych band Ame Son.

Burning Man

A worldwide must see, describing this festival can only be below it’s experience. Hundreds of giant installations, art-cars, gigs, lectures & 80 000 people respecting the way of life largely inspired from the Rainbow Gatherings : Anyone may be a part of Burning Man. Gifting. Decommodification. Radical Self-reliance. Radical Self-expression. Communal Effort. Civic Responsibility. Leaving No Trace… The Psychedelic Art Center will give the lectures Psychedelics & activism, Psychedelics & art, plus electro-psychedelic- eclectic DJ sets by DJ Oof.


Boom Festival

Probably the largest psychedelic festival in the world is back every two years with amazing light installations, friendly shiny people, great activities, a museum of visual arts & sometimes good eclectic music too. This 2018 edition The Psychedelic Art Center's head honcho Jaïs Elalouf is invited to give two lectures : Psychedelics & activism, Psychedelics & art. These will be on the 25th July at 10pm headlining the Liminal Village stage (1500 people), come and get a nice postcard pre-launching our new english website.